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What Services We Offer

Bookkeeping and Accounting

We can help you save time so you can focus on running your business by keeping your financial records up to date.

By using QuickBooks Online, we provide:

Income and expense tracking

Monthly account reconciliations

Quarterly financial statements

Annual coordination with tax accountants

Our bookkeeping services will help your business stay organized and allow you to make informed decisions based on accurate financial information.

In addition to what you receive with our bookkeeping services, we can tailor your Accounting Services with the following:

Monthly financial statements

Bill payment

Audit support files

Payroll services and filings

A/R support and consulting

A/P support and consulting


Our experts can provide you with the peace of mind that your accounting needs will be met.

Part-time Controller

For small to medium businesses where accounting is not their expertise, a part-time controller can be an effective strategy at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Oversee bookkeeping

Month-end close

Financial reporting

Analysis and Recommendations

Policies and procedures

Internal control review

For businesses that do their own bookkeeping or have an in-house bookkeeper, a part-time controller can provide a peace of mind that the accounting needs are being met for the business.

Outsourced CFO Services

We will help you accelerate growth, maximize resources, improve profit margins, and optimize systems in your business. Our end goal is to transform your company into a higher functioning, more profitable company poised for strategic success.

Your own Chief Financial Officer that specializes in Small to Medium businesses

Consistent monthly meetings to review the financial health of your company

A dedicated CFO to track profit and

cash flow

A dedicated CFO to analyze your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses to propose corrective action

A simple one-page monthly scorecard so you can clearly see what is going right and what is going wrong

You are no longer in this by yourself and will be with you every step of the way – we are here for you!

Our Outsourced CFO services provide you with experienced support you need at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Who We Are

We Provide The Perfect Solution For All Your Financial Services

Contact us to speak with our CFO experts. Schedule a complimentary financial consultation or discuss how an outsourced CFO may be able to help your company achieve its goals.

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Financial Guidance


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“You can conquer the road ahead by Elevating Financial Strategy, Overcoming Challenges, Maximizing Profits & Accelerating Growth”

Jodie Shaver, Founder

About Us

We Have over 18 Years of Experience in Financial Services & Accounting Roles

Shaver Financial Group LLC was founded by Jodie Shaver in 2020. Jodie started her financial independence journey when she started her first job at the age of 14. Throughout her life, Jodie has gained experience in the personal finance industry including budgeting, taxes and planning. She has also gained experience in the business industry including bookkeeping, payroll, bill pay, budgeting, planning, compliance, GL accounting, financial reporting and project management. She is currently owner of two small businesses.

Jodie has a passion for financial literacy. She believes it is important that everyone has access to the tools to make smart decisions with their money. It is important to her that our youth has access to these tools as well. Jodie is a member of the MICPA Financial Literacy Task Force and leads a sub-committee to encourage collaboration between the organization and other associations and schools around the Michigan community.

Our core values:

  • Integrity & Trust - The work we do will be done with your best interest in mind. It is important to us that our clients have trust in our working relationship.

  • Collaboration - We understand and respect that you own your financial journey and decisions. Our goal is to provide you guidance and resources to achieve your goals with actionable next steps.

  • Accountability - We will work with you to define your idea of success. We will work with you to understand the type of accountability partner you need and strive to meet those needs for you.

  • Continuous Improvement - Things happen; life happens, challenges present themselves, changes need to be made, goals change, etc. We believe that a healthy focus on continuous improvement allows you to monitor your journey and make positive changes as needed.

Our Mission for Businesses

To empower entrepreneurs and business owners to operate and grow a successful business.

Business owners are experts in their field, however running a business requires business owners to have knowledge in many areas. We believe that you don’t have to be an expert in all these areas to be successful. Our goal is to empower business owners to define what success is to them and help reach their goals. It is our goal to be your trusted ally in your business journey to success.

Our Process

Easy Steps To Get Your Solutions

Step 1 - Schedule a Virtual Introduction Meeting with us below.

Step 2 - We will meet with you to get to know you

and discuss what options we have that may meet your needs.

Step 3 - You are on your way to your reaching your goals!

Virtual Introduction

30 Mins


I have worked with Jodie Shaver over the years to get her insight for various financial decisions I needed to make as I began to plan for my retirement.

Jodie’s attention to detail was excellent, and her advice was in line with my expectations. She provided advice along with several valuable insights to the various options available.

Jodie has a real passion for making a difference to each individual and consistently delivers enthusiasm which sets her apart from others.

It is my immense pleasure to refer Shaver Financial Services to anyone.

I will assure you Jodie will exceed expectations.

Ann M.

Indianapolis, IN



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